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A silly adventure game written by myself and my brother. Don't try it unless you a) understand Swedish and b) don't mind utterly illogical solutions.



Castor Intro 2 - Trap Door

Castor Intro 3 - Ocean
(18 Feb 1987)
A tribute to the company Ocean. It was basically made because we liked their logo and made a large version of it. It was painted by using code, not a paint program!

Castor Intro 4 - Balls
(March 1987)
Pictures made using G.A.C and then saved using the Multiface. Not the best way to do it but it was what we had at the time.

Castor Intro 5 - Boing Boomchack
Our first demo made entirely in assembler. A sampled sound is played and mixed in various ways. It took ages to load and sounded horrible.

Castor Intro 6 - Monster Banquet
(May 29 1987)
Music, animated graphics and quite nice design makes this one of our best demos we made when we still used BASIC.

Castor Intro 8 - Dan There
(June 1987)
Coded entirely in assembler, playing around with effects. Small but our first real demo.

Castor Intro 9 - Move That Army
With the music from Saboteur 2 this is our first demo with 128K music. It also contains the loading picture from Army Moves with a text scrolling above it.

Castor Intro 10 - Auf Wiedersehen Castor
(September 18 1988)
Labelled as our last demo as we moved on to Amiga, but who knows... Contains one of the strangest starfields I've ever seen as well as the ugliest logo.

Spectrum Juggler
A ZX version of the famous Amiga juggler.

Music demos

Don't Stop the Music
A menu where you can play the music from Gyroscope.

128 Demo

Actually this is for the 48K even if the title suggests otherwise. This is simply a sample of the music in the 128K version of Short Circuit.

128 Music (1987)
Just a picture and some music. Made as a test of Mark Time Music Box.

128 Music II
A second test of Mark Time Music Box, this time with a remix of one of the demo tunes.