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///// Scorpion ZS-256

Scorion SZ-256 Turbo+ mainboard

A Russian clone by Sergey Zonov (author of Leningrad 48k) made by Zonov and Co. In 1994 it came with 256K of memory (exandable to 2M), a 5.25" drive, serial and parallel ports and full size keyboard. It also features an integrated "Shadow Service Monitor". It can also run CP/M. The ROM size may vary from 64K to 512K.

The current version of ZS256 (Turbo+) run with a 7 MHz processor and has a 3.5" IDE-HD, PC 101-key keyboard, 3.5 FDD, modem and so on... It has a modular design so there is much hardware you can add, like a MIDI-interface and sound card. See their homepage for further information.

A new mainboard for the Scorpion called GMX (Graphic Memory eXpander) is available. It comes with 2MB of RAM and can emulate Pentagon 128 and four another Spectrum variants. It also two new graphics modes, one with 640x200x16 and a text mode with 80x25 characters. Also you can switch off everything extra, and it will be a vanilla Speccy.

ProfROMs also available for this machines. They are necessary for controlling the HDD, and they contains useful built-in programs also (ZX-Word, ZXZip etc.).