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This section covers clones that I don't know the name of or perhaps they are without name. Any help in identifying the clones would be appreciated.

Noname 1

ZX Spectrum

One of the first Russian underground-made computers. It comes with 48 KB RAM and measures 10x6x2 inches.

Noname 3

ZX clone ZX clone closeup

A russian clone of ZX Spectrum. The size of the system unit is 10 x 5.6 x 2 inches.

Noname 5

A russian clone of ZX Spectrum. The size of the system unit is 9 2/5 x 6 3/5 x 1 3/5 inches. Made of metal with plastic detailes.

Noname 6

ZX Spectrum 128 ZX Spectrum 128 closeup

Looks a lot like the clone ZX Spectrum but they colour of the keys is simmilar to Spektr 48. This is also a russian clone with 128K memory and a russian manual that came in 1993. The size is 10 x 6 x 1 1/2 inches approx.

ZX Spectrum 128 rear view

In the back we find that it has various ports, RGB, two joystick ports (I suspect they are Sinclair and Kempston), tape, a reset button and power connector. All of them use 8-pin DIN connectors.

Noname 7

Noname clone Noname cloneNoname clone

Uknown russian clone. Nice keyboard. Notice the typical DIN ports used for almost everything (at least monitor, power and joystick).