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///// HT 3080C


A Hungarian Spectrum clone made by Híradástechnikai Szövetkezet, released in 1986. It was the third computer from the company. The two first computers HT 1080Z and HT 2080Z were clones or TRS-80 and were unsuccessfull because of the poor graphics features and high price. They were both school computers. In 1986 in Hungary the school computers have to fulfill new requirements: they have to produce high resolution graphics and support the special Hungarian characters. That's why the HT 3080C came out and it was both compatible with the previous HT machines as well as the ZX Spectrum. You could switch between TRS-80 and ZX Spectrum mode.
It has a graphics resolution is 256x192 (standard Speccy) and an AY-chip for sound (to be compatible with the previous HT machines, not with the 128K Speccy). ROM: 32K (Speccy+HT ROMs), RAM: 64K (possibly also a requirement for Hungarian school computers, because all school computers in Hungary has 64K). It has a Commodore serial port so you could also connect perihipals made for the C64 to it, for instance the C=1541 drive.

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